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Grand President PREVAIL Blog #4

The absurdity is what makes it so reasonable.

Christmas trees are great. Putting one up in your house–awesome.

I really like them. I haven’t put a Christmas tree up in over 25 years.

I rejoice in seeing the trees others have decorated.

All with an individual touch, but staying true to a common message. A tradition that continues to PREVAIL. It’s not really true that I don’t have a tree. Several years ago I made a fabric tree. It comes out every Christmas.



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imageGrand President PREVAIL BLOG #3

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”
…Babe Ruth

Baseball is my favorite sport. As a spectator. I’m not alone.

Baseballese is prolific. Baseball’s comparisons to life are well documented.

But I have my own take on it.

Criticism, complaints, disapproval, objection–Foul balls. No yogurt–foul ball. No luggage–foul ball. Lost dog toy, lost keys, lost iPhone–foul balls. Keep hitting them off. Technically, an infinite number of foul balls is allowed.

And then, WOW, hit by the ball. But it’s ok, the rule says: “take your base.” And that’s a good thing.

Relax, focus, prioritize–earn a base on balls–that’s a benefit.

Then an opportunity–steal a base–no guilt attached.

The kindness of a sacrifice–provides advancement. How nice to PREVAIL

It’s a good choice to always go to bat.

The next time could be a home run.


Grand President PREVAIL Blog #2

“Though a good deal is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange to have happened.”

― Thomas Hardy

The phenomenon of coincidence is fascinating.  Supreme President Anthony Kouzounis and my brother-in-law can attest to that.  In 1974 their paths crossed.

Our daily experiences appear unlikely to bear a relationship with other experiences.  Except for those times when they do. 

“What are the odds of that?” –we often hear when something coincidental happens.  Well, being in a room full of people with someone in that room sharing your birthday, the odds are at about 50%. 

It made me wonder what past experiences would PREVAIL and make an impact on present experiences.  One never knows.  Makes me hope that if they involved me they would be positive.

My brother-in-law needed to get to Greece immediately for his Father’s funeral. It was July 4th.  It took 39 years and the travel journal entry from my sister to show the SP and I shared a past connection.  Anthony arranged those tickets.



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DOP Grand President PREVAIL BLOG #1

I used the last of my Citronella torch fuel today.  Summer must be coming to an end.

I go through at least a dozen of these bottles each summer. The lighted torches keep the bugs away and give my patio a sublime ambience.    

It’s comforting to know tImagehat an end leads to a beginning.  That endurance will PREVAIL.

To experience all four seasons is a bonus for me.

Autumn brings a time of gathering, harvesting, and preparing.

Winter brings a time to lodge, protect, and care.

Spring brings re-awakening, growth, and bounce.

Summer brings the need to buy more Citronella torch fluid.  

 “You only grow by coming to the end of something and by beginning something else.” -John Irving, The World According to Garp


ACHIEVE Through the Younger Generation

My youngest nephew turned 28.

I have a niece and three nephews.   ACHIEVE is what we do.

I get expert dressing advice.  At least my shoes and accessories match.

I get expert outdoor activity tips.  At least I stay warm and dry on my winter walks.

I get expert IT help.  At least I can manage most of my Apple toys.

I get expert adventures.  I least there is never a dull moment associated with any event.

I love the memories of babysitting these kids.  Pranks, stories, jokes, dioramas, walks, drives, vacations.

Great presents from them, too.

Wow, how fast they grow up.   My sisters probably feel old.

Oh, well.

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ACHIEVE and Walk On

Today we took out residential walk.  My dog, Mabel, and I do this on Saturdays.  We avoid the recreational park route–too many youth leagues.

Spring seems to have finally arrived.   The sights and sounds were abundant.  People out doing yard work, planting flowers, trimming hedges, mowing lawns, cleaning up the winter scene.

Ah, I just couldn’t get Simon & Garfunkel out of my head.   You know: Slow Down…You gotta make the morning last.

I decided I wanted to ACHIEVE and to keep this Spring feeling of rebirth.

At least for one day…

I’m going down the cobblestone, watching the flowers grow, with no deeds to do.




ACHIEVE Through Memories

Long term memory is a wonderful thing.

Tailored suits & sun dresses, bottled peaches, trips to the beauty salon, changing purses, working together, talking on the telephone, hot dogs, driving over the speed limit, Wisdom, pointed toe stiletto heels, seldom on time, shorthand phenom, Matthew 25:35-40,  planting dusty roses & petunias, Pastichio, 2 broken wrists, Philoptochos president, Sunday School teacher, whiskey sours, underlined greeting cards, shit & damn not swear words, designated ironer, not a fan of vegetables, NY Yankee fan, donuts & coffee breakfast, Tom Jones, Life Saver lady, more, more, and more… 

daughter, sister, wife, mother & in-law, aunt, nouna, yiayia, friend…

Initiated into DOP while pregnant with me.




RIP, Mom. 



ACHIEVE Through The Little Things

Doing without thinking.

Habit. Routine.

It’s been said that it takes between 12 and 20 times of doing something over and over
for it to become commonplace.

For over 30 years, I have been receiving a beautifully decorated Valentine cookie. It
is anything but commonplace. It began as a thank you from a seventh grader, who I
allowed in one of my overcapacity classes. A really feel-good teacher story. He hasn’t
missed a year, even when he was on an LDS church mission or now that he is married,
has his own family, and lives out of state.

It got me wondering. Sometimes we forget to do those things that
are routine. How did it happen after doing it day in and day out?

Perhaps because we have stopped thinking about why we started doing those things in
the first place. They were important. Meaningful. Necessary. Now they may have just
become commonplace

I think I can ACHIEVE more by thinking more. Rely less on routine. Try to remember
the importance these habits had when they were started. Try to be in the moment
when doing them.

Even if it’s brushing your teeth, taking out the garbage, or receiving a yearly gift.

I still get that “wow effect” when I get that cookie.



ACHIEVE Even When Down

Grand President Joanne had a great fall.
All of the Daughters
and AHEPA men
Were able to ACHIEVE
Putting her together again.

After the fall...continuing on.

After the fall…continuing on.

  Executive Director Basil     delivered GP to room

Executive Director Basil
delivered GP to room

 My heroes. Elena and Connie took GP to the ER but continued DOP work!

My heroes. Elena and Connie took GP to the ER but continued DOP work!

Thank goodness for the pedicure!

Thank goodness for the pedicure!

Upright but not very mobile.

Upright but not very mobile.


ACHIEVE Through Song

My youngest sister has a beautiful singing voice. During high school she belonged to a
small, elite group called the Madrigals. She sang in many Christmas concerts. I asked
her if she had a favorite Christmas Carol. She said the one she enjoyed singing was:

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat
Please put a penny in the old man’s hat
If you haven’t got a penny, a ha’ penny will do,
If you haven’t got a ha’ penny, then God bless you

The next day as I was taking the train into work, a young lady got on and sat down
next to me. She started to chat and told me she had just come from her group trauma
session and was on her way back to the YWCA where she was now living. The YWCA
is a place for victims of domestic abuse. That’s why she was living there. I told her she
had made a good decision.

I mentioned the Daughters of Penelope and our work with domestic abuse victims. She
thanked me for such a group. She even wanted one of my cards.

I am fortunate, thankful, and grateful that I had more than a ha’ penny to give her.

As she got off the train, she stopped in the door, turned and looked at me and said:

God bless you.

Love in Theta Pi,




It just needs a little love